1- Unscramble the sentences.

A) on- children- sitting- floor- the- are- the- ?

B) wearing- pants- am- blue- I - and- shirt- a - white-

C) swing- penguins- can- but- can't - they- fly-

D) Bob- are- eleven- Julie- old - and - years-

E) repeat- the- can- answer- please - you - ?

2- Complete the senteces with the verbs in the Simple Present or the Present Continuous Tense.

A) Excuse me __________________ (you/speak) English?

B) Tom _______________ (take) a shower at the moment.

C) They ________________ (not/watch) TV every day.

D) Listen! Pavarotti _______________ (sing).

E)How often___________________ ( you/read) a newspaper?

F) Excuse me , but you ___________________(sit) in my place.

G) She __________________________ (not/run) in the park every morning.

H)What time _______________________(she/finish) work every day?



A melhor resposta!
1)a) Are the children sitting on the floor?
b) I am wearing a with shirt and blue pants.
c) Penguins can't fly, but they can swing
d) Bob and Julie are eleven years old.
e) Can you repeat the answer, please?

2)a) Excuse me, do you speak English?
b) Tom is taking a shower at the moment.
c) They don't watch TV every day.
d) Listen! Pavarotti is singing.
e) How often do you read a newspaper?
f) Excuse me, but you are sitting in my place.
g) She don't run in the park every morning.
h) What time she finishes the work every day?
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Obgggg... ME AJUDA NESTA http://brainly.com.br/tarefa/706102
De nada :) Tudo bem, vou tentar :)
Are the children sitting on the floor?. TÁ CERTA ISSO TEM CERTEZA, NE ASSIM NÃO QUE FICA: The children are sitting on the floor? ISSO É A LETRA A).
vc tem certeza que essas frases estão certas?