1)Fallow the parttners. Use while or when.

Theboy/ swimming-the girl/ dancing.

The boy was swimming while the girl was dancing.

The Boy/playing tennis-the girl arrived.

The Boy was playing tennis when the girl arrived.

1. She/drinking an orange juice - he/rinding a bike.

2.The boy/ crying- the butcher stopped him.

3. The woman/ washing the car - the man feeding the dog.

4. The baker/ talking a nap - the barber/ taking a walk.

5.The manager/ writing a letter- the instructor arrived.

She was drinking while he was riding a bike The boy was crying when the butcher stopped him The woman was washing the car while the man was feeding the dog The baker was talking a nap while the barber was taking a walk The maneger was writing a letter when the instructor arrived
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1. She is drinking an orange juice while he is rinding a bike.
2. The boy is  crying when the butcher stopped him.
The woman is washing the car while the man is feeding the dog.
The baker is talking a nap while the barber is taking a walk.
5. T
he manager was writing a letter when the instructor arrived.
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