There was a book on the table
There was a beautiful girl
There was a soccer player
There was something that I can't told you
There was the love of my life

There were my news friends
There were all my cards
There were the DVD movies
There were the people that I hate
There were my parents waving for me

There was a girl over there
There was a dog under the table
There was a horse in the farm
There was a bird on the line 
There was two girls in the bath 
There was a boy on the street
There was a children in the room
There was a lot of food
There was a sofa in this room

There were flowers in my home
There were four pencils in your hand
There were a lot of birthday gifts
There were twenty students in the class
There were a lot of messages in my cell phone
There were a few trees in the park three years ago