preciso passa essas frases pro interrogativo e negativo

andrew ang tania are brothers

he is studyng english literature

they are walking on thestreet

y am playing game on the laptop

it is getting out of control

we are reading a poem

he is a good basketball player

pf me ajudem



Are Andrew and Tania brothers?
Is he studying english literature?
Are they walking on the street?
Am I playing game on the laptop?
Is it getting out of control?
Are we reading a poem?
Is he a good basketball player?

Andrew and Tania aren't brothers.
He isn't studying english literature.
They aren't walking on the street.
I am not playing game on the laptop.
It isn't getting out of control.
We aren't reading a poem.
He isn't a good basketball player.

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Frases nagativas:
1-andrew and tania are not brothers.
2- he is not studying English literature.
3- they are not walking in The Street.
4- I'm not playing game on laptop.
5- he is not getting out of control.
6- we are not reading a poem.
7- he is not a good basketball player.

frases interrogativas

1- andrew and tania are brothers?
2- he is studying English?
3-  are they walking on The Street?
4-  I'm playing game on laptop?
5-   is it getting out of control?
6-  are we  reading a poem?
7-  is he a good basketball player?