A melhor resposta!
1 - What did you say?
Nothing! Nevermind.

2 - What did you do?
Nothing! I swerar!

3 - Was it a blue car?
No, was a red car.

4 - What did you do las night?
Jus danced!

5 - What kind of dishes did you eat yesterday?
Rice, bean and pasta.

6 - When you was a child, what you used to do?
Play whit my friends.

7 - When you was a child, what was your favorite collor?

8 - Did you go to the game yesterday? 
Yes! It was pretty nice!

9 - What hapenned?
My dog died.

10 - What's hapenned to your uncle?
Nothing, he is fine!

11 - Where did you live?

12 - Who won the game?
Manchester Utd.

13 - Who was in your house last night?
My sister.

14 - When youwas a child, you use to study?
A little bit!

15 - What you asked for me?
Nothing, just nevermind!
16 - What car he liked?
The blue.

17 - Did you pay the wather?
Oh my god! I forgot!

18 - Did you wanna go?

19 - Did you remember me?
Of curse!

20 - Did you like this band?
1 5 1
1- what time did you wake up?
   I woke up at eight o`clock

2- you werw lazy?
   you lazy

3- was he handsome?
   he was handsome

4-were they quiet?
  they were quiet

5-were they intelligent?
 they were intellint

6-was he important for us?
 he was important for us

7-was she tired?
  she wasn´t tired

8-was he careful?
 he was careful

9-it was good to meet you?
 it was good

10-were you sick?
  i was sick

11-they were lawyers?
   were lawyers

12-were they busy?
  were busy

13-were we happy?
  we were happy

14-they were ugly?
 were they ugly

15-were they nervous?
  were nervous

16-he was polite?
 was polite

17-was she wonderful?
  was wonderful

18-she liked to dance?
  yes she liked

19-he was important for us?
 he was important

20-was she tired?
  was tired