4) Complete the sentences. All of them are negative, use don't or doesn't + one of the verbs.
Cost - go - know - use - waer

a) Paul has a car but he _________________ it very often.
b) They like films but they ________________ to the cinema very often.
c) Amanda is married but she _____________ a ring.
d) I ___________________ much about politics. I'm not interested in It.
e) It's not an expensive hotel. It __________________ much to stay there.

5) Organize the words to form questions in English.

a) where/live/your parents/?


b) how often/TV/you/watch/?


c) your sister/ work/where/?




1- a) don't use
b) don't go
c) doesn't wear
d) don't know
e) doesn't cost
 5- a) where does your parents live?
b) how often do you watch tv?
c) where does your sister work?