A melhor resposta!
01) Have you ever been to Brazil?
02) Have you come to the party?
03) She has just arrived.
04) She has bought one car.
05) I have read the book.
06) We have written the contract.
07) I have walked since this moment.
08) Have you talked to the brother?
09) I have sung in the bathroom.
10) I have eaten my dinner.
11) I have not seen this movie.
12)  Have you listened to the new song?
13) I have driven the car .
14) I have had good friends.
15) The show has begun.
I have been to the U.S.A.
17) She has traveled to England.
18) You have made a delicious apple pie.
They have just left.
20) Jane has just made the lunch.
2 5 2
1- I have been to the usa last week. 
2- John has gone to the party yesterday.
3- You have made a delicious chocolate cake. 
4- Jane has just made the dinner. 
5- They have organized their wedding. 
6- He has fallen on the street last weekend. 
7- David had watched a lot of movies. 
8- It hasn`t stop raining yet.
9- You have grown so much. 
10- Have you seen the new movie? 
11- Mary has lived here since 2008. 
12- Peter has done his homework. 
13- We have studied a lot for the last test. 
14- She has moved last month. 
16- They haven`t gone to the mall. 
17- Mari has gone to the movies 30 minutes ago.
18- She has been to Porto Seguro last year. 
19- School has not started yet.
20- I have lost my key. 
2 5 2