8) Complete with subject pronoun or object pronoun.

a) Have you seen my David? I would like to _________ as soon as possible.
b) I'm quite sure I lost my sunglasses, I can't find ____________ anywhere.
c) If you see Rachel, tell ____________ to give ________ a call.
d) I guess the book over there is _________.
e) Do you usually rent or buy DVDs? When you buy ________, why do you do it?

Read the texts and find what word the pronouns are related to.

Once there was a boy who loved a girl very much. The girl's father, however, did not like the boy and did not want their love to grow. The boy wanted to write the girl a letter, but he was sure that the girl's father would read it first. At last he wrote this letter to the girl.

- their: _____________________________
- he: _______________________________
- it: ________________________________

quer que traduza ?


a- Find/see (não diz o verbo a ser usado) him
b- them
c- her - me
d- mine (não diz se é me, he, she, their?)
e- them

9) the boy and the girl
   the girl's father
   the letter