Escolher a melhor palavra para completar as frases:
(your head,the clouds,the tunnel,mine,the river,the teacher,the drugstore,the classroom).
1. His house is next to ______.
2.The train is passing through_______ now.
3.The plane is above_____ now.
4. The children are running towards________.It's her birthday.
5.The school is across the avenue next to______.
6.Don't go out of_____ now. You have a lot of exercises to finish.
7.There is a nice cottage below______.
8.The light above_____ isn't very good.



1- mine
2- the tunnel
3- the clouds
4- the teacher
5- the drugstore
6- the classroom
7- the river
8- you head
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obrigada ! Só queria conferir as respostas (:
ah bom kk :)