Mandem pra mim(aqui no brainly memo nas respostas) atividades ou uma atividade sobre verbos modais.

1- Marque a alternativa cuja frase
não apresenta um Modal Verb.
a)You shouldn’t drink much.
b)May I ask you a question?
c)She had gone to Italy.
d)We must obbey the Law.
2- A frase “You mustn’t take
medicine “expressa:
a)uma ordem b)uma obrigação c)
uma proibição d)uma advertência


Olá!! Vamos lá!

1- I told Mary What to do, but maybe I __________ told her how to do it.


A- Have
B- Must Have
C- Will have
D- Should have
E- Can have

2- Which is the corret sentence?


A-Ordely citizens must pay all their bills.
B- Ordely citizens ought pay all their bills.
C- Ordely citizens should to pay all their bills.
D-Ordely citizens might pay all their bills.

3- It ought _______ long ago


A- Have been done
B- To have being done
C- Have being doing
D- To have been done

4- _______ I smoke here? Yes, but you _________ throw ashes on the flor.


A- May - should
B- Might - must not
C- Can - mustn't
D- Could - ought to
E- Would - shouldn't

Bons Estudos!!!

1 4 1
Modal verbs para ser
utilizados: Can, Could, May,
Should and Must
01- _____ I go to out with Judy,
02- _____ I come in, teacher?
03- You _____ stop smoking.
04- I _____ swim 25 meters when I
was a child.
05- Mary _____ break up her
relationship with John. He is so
bad for her.
06- You _____ not park here!
07- Halley _____ study more.
08- _____ she go to the doctor, Mr.
09- Everybody _____ be happy.
10- I think she _____ sleep early.
11- Mark _____ could play basketball
when he was a child.
12- Anne _____ obey her parents.
13- Bill _____ talk with me
14- He _____ do the exercise
evryday, mom!
15- _____ I go to the bath, Dr.
16- _____ I eat a piece of cake,