1.I work in a office
2.I thank you
3.I help you
4.I forgave you
5.I'll arrange for you a sweater
6.I believe in you
7.I blessed
8.I advise
9.I advise
10.I leave you
1.I don't work in an office
2.I don't love you
3.I don't Love you
4.I don't I feel nothing for you
5.He doesn't love you
6.She does not is with amnesia
7.It does not an animal
8.I do not I believe in you
9.I do not I'm leaving now
10.I do not nothing like your way
Interrogativa: work in an office? love you? you work in an office? they work in an office?
5.does he work in an office?
6.does it work? we work in an office?
8.does she want me to see?
9.does he want to eat anything?
10.does she go home?
Espero ter te ajudado.