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1-Choose the correct option
She is going to have a birthday party.
2-Tom is going to go to Brazil.
3-They are going to fall down.

2-look at these verbs and complete the sentences using going to future.
Emma is going to do her homework.
It is very hot today. I am going to swim in the lake.
We are going to visit our grandparents this weekend.
Jonh and his brother are going to take their bikes.
am going to set the table.
David is going to buy a present for Paul.
Rosie is going to play the violin at the concert.

3-make sentences:
a) My father/paint the room purple.
my father is going to paint the room purple.
b)I/learn the english alphabet.
I am going to learn the english alphabet.
c)Ryan/ ride a horse.
Ryan is going to ride a horse.
d)You/play soccer.
You are going to play soccer.
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