Verbo regular:
1- I tried again.
2- He asked me how to drive well.
3- I walk every morning at the garden.
4- They played tennis together.
5- Please, stay away.
6- Close the window.
7- It worked well.
8- I enjoyed my trip to Canada.
9- You both love the same girl.
10- She danced at the club.

Verbo irregular:
1- I told you.
2- I made a cake to you.
3- I met them before i had gone to Canada.
4- Jwou had left by the time she arrived.
5- He wanted to know what had happened to his car. 
Have you heard de news?
I woke up two hours ago.
8- I didn´t go.
9- I ate an apple yesterday.
10- I drove last night.

1 5 1
I worked too much yesterday.
We learned all about the country .
She danced all night.
They played soccer at home today.
He watched a film.
I played some games.
We looked all the stars.

I was all alone.
I bought some clothes.
They did everything according to our agreement.