3.did he also wears black?
4.did i make cakes every week?

5. she got up at 6:30.
6. he didn't understands me.
7. he didn't shuts the shop at 6:00
8. did she speaks slowly?
9. he leaved the house at 9:00 
10. i read a chapter every night.
11.did you eat to much?
12. i saw him everyday.
13. did tom sings in the choir?
14. he didn't cries when he is hurt.
15.luisa played every morning.
16.i thought i know it.
17.did the curtain rises at 8:00?
18.did he takes a dog out twice a day?
19.we didn't buy them here.
20.i didin't dream every night.
A melhor resposta!
1I DID NOT go to work by bus.
2I MET her on Tuesdays.
3DID he WEAR black?
4DID I make cakes every week?
5She GOT UP at 6:30.
7He DID NOT SHUT the shop at 6:00.
8DID she SPEAK slowly?
9He LEFT the house at 9:00.
10I read a chapter every night. (a pronúncia é igual ao da palavra red)
11DID you eat too much?
12I SAW him every day.
13DID Tom SING in the choir.
14He DID NOT CRY when he is hurt.
15Luisa PLAYED every morning.
16I thought I knew it.
17DID the curtain RISE at 8:00.
18DID he TAKE the dog out twice a day?
19We DID NOT BUY them here.
20I DID NOT DREAM every night.

Simple past: na afirmativa o verbo fica no passado e alguns são verbos irregulares como: Leave- Left, na negativa utilizamos o auxiliar DID NOT e o verbo não é conjugado, na interrogativa o auxiliar DID fica no início da frase e o verbo não é alterado.

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