Fallow the patterns
as if/ as though

He doesn´t know anything about computers but he acts like an expert
He acts as if he were an expert with computers.

1- He is very thin but eats like he was fat.
2- She isn´t the only girl in the house but uses the bathroom like she was.
3- They are not very clever, but they act like they are.
4- My sister acts like she´s a movie star.
5- You´re eating like this is the last meal you´ll ever eat.
6- To keep from getting nervous, just imagine the audience in their underwear.



1- He eats as if he was fat.
2- She uses the bathroom as though she was the only girl in the house.
3- They act as if they were clever.
4- My sister acts as though an movie star.
5- You`re eating as if this is your last meal.
6- Imagine the audience as if they were in their underwear.
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