Complete the sentences with the Simple Present of the verbs in the box, according to The Changing of the Guard.
to return- to spend- to get- to arreve- to leave- to eat- to blow- to stay- to survive- to lay- to fall- to go- to travel.
1- The male penguins__________ together, very near aech other.
2- Every year, female emperors__________ to the open sea to____________ their food.
3- Those dedicated fathers___________ nothing during that whole time.
4- Females_________ one single egg and then____________ it behind!
5- Emperor penguins__________ the long Anterctic winter on the open ice.
6- The snow__________. The wind__________ very, very hard.
7- Winter___________ in Antarctica in March.
8- The penguins____________ about 80 kilometers across the frozen surface every winter.
9- The Antarctic winter is harsh, but the penguins_________.
10- Finally, after over two months, the females________ from the sea.



1- to travel.
2- to return, to eat.
3- to spend.
4- to fall, to lay.
5- to survive.
6- to stay, to blow.
7- to spend.
8- to travel.
9- to survive.
10- to return.
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