Follow attached the answers! 

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a)      Dylan is studying English himself.  
b)      Did you go to the movies by yourself?  
c)        Lucas and Fred will buy themselves a cell phone.  
d)      My friends and I are going to cook ourselves some spaghetti.  
e)      I have to look at myself in that mirror immediately.
 f)       Will Susan go to the shopping mall by herself? 
 g)      We did all the exercises by ourselves.  
h)      She cut herself with a sharp razor. 
 i)       The Kids are really enjoying themselves on the beach.  
j)        Be careful  Emily, you will hurt yourself.  
k)      She bought herself a new black dress. 
 l)         I am going to fix dinner myself. 
a)      Often gives presents: GENEROUS
b)       Smiles and laugh a lot: HAPPY
c)       Gets along with  everybody: FRIENDLY
d)       Good at seeing the positive things in life: POSITIVE
 e)       Focused on goals: DETERMINED
 f)        Good at adapting to different situations: FLEXIBLE
g)      Has a lot of energy: ENERGETIC