Answer the questions:
1. Where were you yesterday afternoon?

2. Who does the dishes after dinner at your house?

3. What chores do you have to do at home?

4. What books did you read on your last vacation?

5. How many comments did you post on your Twitter or Facebook today?

6. How was your day yesterday?

7. Do you like skating?

8. Where do you want to go on your next vacation?



A melhor resposta!
A- I was at home
B- My mother does
C- I have to iron the clothes.
D- I read ( escolha um livro que você tenha lido)
E- I haven't posted any comments today
F- It was very fun
G- No, I don't / Yes, I do
H- I want to go to ( escolha um local pra onde você queira ir)
1 5 1
E - I dind't post any comments
Como sempre me ajudando, Thank you very much!