1. Verb to be
I am happy!
I am not happy!
Am I happy?

2. Verb to need
You need a pen.
You don't need a pen.
Do you need a pen?

3. Verb to love
He loves Meg.
He doesn't love Meg.
Does he love Meg?

4. Verb can
You can fly!
You can't fly!
Can you fly?

5. Verb to cry
She cries every night.
She doesn't cry every night.
Does she cry every night?

6. Verb to eat
We eat carrots.
We don't eat carrots.
Do we eat carrots?

7. Verb to want
She wants to be a better student.
She doesn't want to be a better student.
Does she want to be a better student?

8. Verb to do
You did your homework.
You didn't do your homework.
Did you do your homework?

9. Verb to take
Linda take the bus everyday.
Linda doesn't take the bus everyday.
Does Linda take the bus everyday?

10. Verb to read
You read the book.
You don't read the book.
Do you read the book?