1. Do you want some ice-cream?
Yes, I do.

2. Do you love him?
No, I don't. I love James.

3. Does your brother have blue eyes?
Yes, he does.

4. Does Meg kiss Tim?
Yes, she does.

5. Are you running?
No, I'm not. I'm walking.

6. Are you reading?
No, I'm not. I'm writing.

7. Is she talking?
No, she isn't. She is gossiping.

8. Were we studing enough?
Yes, you were.

9. Did you go to school yesterday?
No, I didn't. I went my friend's house.

10. Did read that book?
Yes, I did.

11. Did she marry him?
Yes, she did.

12. Did they break the car.
Yes, they did.

13. Do you need a pen?
Yes, I do

14. Does Elisa have a car.
No, she doesn't. She has a motorcycle.

15. Do you care about me?
Yes, I do.

16. Did Linda pass-out?
Yes, she did.

17. Were Meg talking to Harry?
Yes, she was.

18. Do you know this subject?
No, I don't. I need to study more.

19. Were you crying last week?
No, I wasn't. I was just sad.

20. Does Barney drink soda?
Yes, he does.

Do we go to work at eight o'clock is good?
Será que ir trabalhar às oito horas é bom?

Do you eat breakfast early?
Você come café da manhã mais cedo?

Does he go to work at seven-thirty?
Será que ele vai trabalhar às sete e meia?

Did John go home?
Será que John vai para casa?

Does Fred study a lot?
Será que Fred estuda muito?

Does he work hard?
Ele trabalha duro?

Does he have to go?
Será que ele tem que ir?

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