A) Where is your car? 
It’s in the garage.
b) Who wrote imagine?   
John Lennon did. He wrote imagine and many other lovely songs.c) When do you watch television?   In the evening.
d) How do you come to school?   
By bus.
e) Which bus do you take, the red one or the green one?   The red one.
f) What is your favorite movie?   
Twilight, of course!
g)How much is that book?
I’m not sure, but I think it’s about 20 dollars.
h) How many cousins do you have?
A lot. About 30
i) Why do you have so many cousins?   
Because I have a big family. Mom has 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and Dad has 3 sisters.
2 4 2
Só faltou traduzir né?Más muito bom, me ajudou.
Copie e cole no Google Tradutor, é fácil.
A)Cade seu carro?
A) Onde está seu carro? Está na garagem.
Percebi agora quando fui copiar, cade a letra "c"?