Complete the sentences using the degree comparative of equality.
A)larry is ______________________________________Barry.(tall)
B)Your father is _____________________________________mine.(inteligent)
C)This television is______________________________________Susan`s(cheap)
D)Natalie is____________________________________________me.(old)
E)Janete`s hair is_____________________________________Melissa`s.(short)



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A) as tall as
b) as inteligent as
c) as cheap as
d) as old as
e) as short as
2 5 2
A) Larry is as high as Barry. (Tall)
B) Your father is as smart as mine. (Inteligent)
C) This television is so cheap as Susan (cheap)

D) Natalie is so much to me. (Old)
E) Janet `s hair is as beautiful as Melissa` s. (Short)
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