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The World Cup 2014, held in Brazil has brought many improvements to all, especially in the financial sense, since many tourist came from other countries who participated in the tournament.
It is essential to know that the World Cup is not just football game, but a world event. Because of the World Cup Brasil needed unfortunately spend much money to improve something, which in te case were the stadiums, the Brazilians didn't like and how spending millionsnto "futile" for some things.
But when the ball started rolling, Brazil began to win the Brazilian soul reborn, the country's problems no longer appear either and crowd grew each in his own way, but everyone cheered.
Yesterday unfourtunnately disaster struck for the Brazilians, Germany won 7-1 in Brazil, the fans didn't believe anyone belived, the first 5 goals came in less than 30 minutes, Brazil fell silent and the disappointment of losing in a way that World Cup in Brazil took over...
Germany will play the first place and Brazil third place...
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no posicionamento do texto estou falando sobre a parte benéfica. Ok?

The 2014 World Cup in Brazilian society

The taste for Brazilian football is indisputable, the sport is a national passion
that unites social, economic, religious and political differences. In 2014 the country will host the World Cup, Brazil has invested large sums in order to be a growing jobs and tourists.
The amount that was being invested in the Brazilian Cup overcame that was spent
in South Africa and Germany, otherwise the country will be generating many jobs in various fields. Hotels in several Brazilian states are hosting tourists from all over the world.
For the absolute success in this event, the government needs to invested primarily in safety and education, enabling Brazilians who is mainly in tourist areas in the English language.
The Brazil took the Cup to build the infrastructure that will be in the country from 2022, when the country will complete the Bicentennial of Independence.
Even Brazil has not won the world cup in the first place because of the defeat to Germany, the country gained in economic development and global visibility.

God bless you.