Frases em ingles positivas e negativas com as palavras:
"see" "help" "walk" "play" "beautiful"

I can help you
I can't do my homework right now
I walk right up to you and put one finger in the air
I can play football
I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today.


I can see it now
there was a time I couldn't even walk
I love to help people
This girl is beautiful. - No, I don't think that this girl is beautiful
I can not see so much sadness in the eyes of the Brazilians.
you will see the joy we have in another cup.
you did not help that girl.
I'll help you.
need not walk this way.
I want to walk properly.
you do not want to play it out.
play need to be happy.
you is not beautiful.
'll see beautiful people today.
espero ter li ajudado