A) My brother is tall.
b) We need to do good deeds.
c) Acho que é cold, porque cald nao existe auhsuh 
Today is a cold day.
d)We have to be careful with fire because it is very dangerous.
e) Today I am very happy.
f) My friends are very nice.
g) I have a big home.
h) I want to be very famous.
i) We have to write short answers .
J) I have a small dog.
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My father is tall man.
Our English teacher is a nice person
I had very good grades
Our school is big
The weather is cold today
Tom Cruise is a famous actor
That man is a robber he is very dangerous
Your sister is so short!
You are a happy boy.
My house is too small, I need to buy another one.
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