Alguém me ajuda a colocar essas frases em ordem?Obrigada!
Put the words in the right order.Then complete the family tree.
1- name my Bart is
2-is this family my
3-is mother my this
4-name is her Marge
5-this is father my
6-Homer name is his
7-sisters are my these
8-are names their and Lisa Maggie
9-this grandfather is my
10-Abe name is his



1-my name is bart
2-this is my family
3-this is my mother
4-her name is marge
5-this is my father
6-his name is homer
7-these are my sisters
8-their names are lisa and magie
9-this is my gradfather
10-his name is Abe
1 5 1
My name is Bart
This is my family
This is my mother 
Her name is Marge
this is my father
his name is Homer
These are my sisters
Their names are Lisa and Maggie
This is my grandfather 
His name is Abe