costrua frases com os exemplos fornidos utilizando as formas contrata di to be exemplo.

Brenda Colemam not susan smith

1 She Diana Baker. Not Glenda gibson

2 They Paul and Bob. not allan and colin

3 we Mick and susan. not jonh and jane

4 He Peter not Stephen

5 it my dog not pauls dog



She's Brenda Coleman she isn't Susan Smith
She's Diana Baker she isn't Glenda Ginson
They're Paul and Bob they aren't Allan and Collin
We're Mike and Susan we aren't John and Jane 
He's Peter he isn't  Stephen
It's my dog, it isn't Pauls's dog
1. Diana Baker not Glenda Gibson.

2. Paul and Bob not allan and colin.

3.  Mick and Susan not John and Jane.

4. Peter not Stephen

5. My dog  not pauls dog.