A melhor resposta!
Hello, my name is__________.
How are your life in Brazil ? 
I live here at _____ years. 
What your name ? 
Do you like "feijoada" ? (rsrs')
Do you are German ? Because their are killed my Country :(
2 5 2
where are you from?
- Preciso De 20 Frases !!
what you think of my country?
what you think of receiving the Brazilian people?
Are you enjoying being here?
In your opinion who is the best, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi?
You national team is being a good suprise.
What is the best team do you think?
Are you enjoying Brazilian food?
Did you always like soccer?
Do you prefer soccer or baseball?
In your opinon wich is the favorite to win the cup?
Are American people so funny as we are?
Are the McDonalds' hamburgers in the USA the same that you find here?
Have you ever listened to Brazilian music in your country?
Do you like the stadiums?
What is the most beautiful place that you have visited in Brazil?
Who is the best player in this world cup so far do you think?
What is your favorite soccer style?
Are you liking the refereering in this cup?
Do you have so many and so beautiful beaches in the USA as we have here?
Did you visit Cisto Rei?
Are you staying for the final?
What did you like the most in ou country?