Verbo to be:
1.Are they ready? 
2.How old are you? 
3.I'm twenty years old. 
4.She isn't pretty. 
5.I was in Brasil last night. 
6.Were you in the restaurant, when I phoned? 
7.I have always been a loving person. 
8.She was written a letter. 
9.I'm watching the tv now. 
10.Were you eating cookies yesterday? 

Presente Simples:
1.we don't have the time.
2.I love everything about you
3.Here I am
4.She's got to go away
5.I sense the pounding of her heart
6.We are the world
7.I don´t have patience.
8.We are need education.
9.Have a Nice Day
10.I belive in you
11.Don’t cry for me.
12.We have a nice house.
13. Let me see your book?
14. You are too late.
15. Come find me
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