I am doing my homework
I am painting my house
I am closing my door
I am cooking the dinner
I am going to school
I am playing
I am swimming
I am eating
He is sleeping
They are running
We are listening the class
You are trowing balls
I am buying a house
You are building a door
My sister is fighting with my uncle

He sleeped all the night
I have done my homework
She has running for three hours
They had danced all the party
He had played the piano
They went to school
You wrote a song
I left my house
Did she beat her mom?
He sold his bed
You didn't do that
We feel on the ground
I din't maked that

We will kick he
I will make my homework
He will visit she?
She will sleep in his house
I will pray
I will punch her face
I will read Percy Jackson
They will watch TV
She will trow a knife in the wall
He will buy a notebook
They will pay the barman
She will write a book
I will go to the shopping
I gonna play
They will listen music