1- I am in the mall
2- Anna always do her homework
3- Josh don't like apples
4- Paul is very strong
5- He always go to the gym
6- I want water
7- They work very well
8- He is a very rich man
9- She don't have any kids
10- I am happy
11- They study hard
12- Emma want to play with Bob
13- I am waiting for you
14- She is in love with the history
15- I love that movie!


1- He was so lazy
2- You were a good guy
3- I was busy
4- He did him homework
5- She was watching at the video
6- They was a beautiful couple
7- He ate all the pizza
8- Lisa was at the party with Jimmy
9- I saw your photos
10- I was at San Francisco last weekend
11- She had three cats
12- He wanted this so much
13- We fixed the TV yesterday
14- I saw you in the mall
15- He didn't came


1- John will like the car
2- She will buy this house
3- Will he go to Harry's house?
4- They will visit their cousin
5- Will you travel with your mother?
6- He will send her a letter
7- She will break up with him
8- Will you use that dress?
9- I will take some medice later
10- Will you play with me tomorrow?
11- We will see them today
12- Lisa will eat that chocolate
13- I will back later
14- Will you buy that t-shirt?
15- My dad will give me a new cellphone

Pequenas correções: na nona frase do presente seria "She doesn't have any kids". Na quarta frase do passado seria: "He did his homework". Na quinta frase do passado seria: "She was watching a video".