2 Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in parentheses .A ' if our team _______________ , we'll be extremely happy . (win)B If l ___________________ better , i would go to the movies with you . FeelC If l had her phone number , l _____ her ( Call D if michelle _______ her exams , her parents will be very disappointed with her (pass e if it wasn't raining , l _________ for a walk (go)F Patrick will be very excited if he ___________ the news. (Her_G - i'm late ! if l don't hurry , l ______ the bus (miss 3 complete these sentences so that they are true about you If l studied more , b ______ , l would be extremely happy
c my parents would be furious with me

Vc precisa traduzir isto ?


1 ) wins
2) felt
3) would call
4 doesn't pass
5would go
7will miss
complete I would take better grades