Qual destas formas está correta se usada por uma pessoa que narra um acontecimento?

a) He thought she has known what she is going through

b) He thought she will never know what she will have to go through now.

c) He thought she would never know what she had gone through then.

d) He thinks she did not known what she was going through

2) Covert “My wife cleaned my clothes” to causative form.

a) Mywifecleansmyclothes.

b) My wife will clean my clothes.

c) My wife had my clothes cleaned.

d) Mywifemyclothescleaned.

3) Convert “I have pressed my suit” to causative form.

a) Ipressedmysuit

b) Ihavemysuitpressed.

c) I My suit pressed.

d) Ihadpressmysuit.

4) A robot that matches the heart’s rhythm holds the scapel and does___________, while a
surgeon directs the operation________a monitor>

a) allthecutting/from

b) all of the cutting / in

c) allofcutting/from
d) all cutting / with

5) Surgeons stopped his heart, attached him________a heart-lung machine to circulate his
blood artificially and replaced arteries__________a vessel__________his right leg.

a) for /to /in

b) to / by /from

c) for /by /from
d) to /by / with

6) The operation took 11 hours and_____a couple of stairs.
a) leaved / climbing

b) left / climbed

c) leaved/toclimb

d) left / to climb

7) Douctors___________great strides in recent years_________taking the

a) made/on/from

b) hadmade/in/from

c) havemade/in/outof
d) havemade/at/outof

8) Tiny surgical robots, for instantes, ___________large chest incisions when doing coronary
bypass surgery.

a) allowtodoctorstoavoidmaking

b) allow doctors to avoid making

c) allow doctors avoid to make

d) allow doctors to avoid make.

9) Their salaries, if they’re paid at all,____________well Bellow minimum wage. So when
it___________time to________( ajustar, liquidar) abill, pay attention. These folks need a
tip. A real tip, not just the easy 10________15 percent!

Para preencher as lacunas escolher uma alternativa:

a) would be/ Will come / settle /from
b) will be /comes / correct / until

c) are/comes/settle/to

d) is / comes / settle / until

10) The, one Friday night, after________a booth for the better part of an evening
and_______almost__________, I left what seemed like a generous 15 percent.

Para preencher as lacunas escolher uma alternativa:

a) to occupy / to eat/ nothing

b) occupying / to eat / anything
c) occupying/eating/nothing
d) occupy/eat/anything

11)John_____________bring the books with him next week.

a) were supposed to

b) are supposed to

c) Issupposedto

d) Willbesupposedto

e) is being supposed to

12)That letter______________be written yesterday.

a) were supposed to

b) are supposed to

c) was supposed to

d) will be supposed

13)Sarah ___________drive a car, but I sold it a few months ago.
a) Used to

b) Use to
c) Usesto
d) Usingto

14)Chance the following sentences to past tense:

a) The newspaper says the president will arrive in the morning.

The newspaper said the president would arrive in the morning.

b) She says she cannot do this work.

She said she couldn’t do this work.

c) She says her name is Paula.

She said her name was Paula.

d) I think I can finish this report by five o’clock.

I thought I could finish this report by five o’clock.

15)Chance the following sentences from past to present:
a) He said that he would leave in the morning.

He says that he will leave in morning.

b) They thought they had found the thief but they were making a mistake.
They think they have found the thief but they are making a mistake.

c) I did not think he could finish that report so fast.
I do not think he can finish that report so fast.

d) Did he say he’d call again?
Does he say he’ll call again?

16)Chance the following statements to indirect speech:

a) She said to me, “I want to be a secretary”.

She said to me that she wanted to be a secretary.

b) Newton said to her, “I wrote the letter”.

Newton said to her that he had written the letter.

c) I said to them, “I’ll meet her tonight”.

I said to them that I would meet her that night.

d) They said to me, “We won’t buy a car”.

They said to me that they wouldn’t bu
y a car.

17) Complete a frase abaixo com uma das alternativas.
They______________________send the merchandise last night

a) were supposed to

b) are supposed to

c) is supposed to

d) will be supposed to

18)She ________ three pieces of pizza already.

a) have ate

b) have eaten

c) has ate

d) has eaten

19)We ________ across the Pacific three times.

a) have sailed

b) have sail

c) has sailed

d) has sail

20)Give the correct translation of the sentence below: (Dê a tradução correta da frase

a) “Why are they riding over downtown so desperately?”.
b) “The boy rolled over and fell off the bed.”



A melhor resposta!
1 - c
2 - c
3 - b
4 - a
5 - b
6 - d
7 - c
8 - b
9 - b
10 - c
11 - c
12 - c
13 - a
14, 15, 16 - Ja estão com resposta..17 - b
18 - d
19 - a
20 - a) "Por que eles estão dirigindo pelo centro da cidade tao desesperadamente?"
b) “O garoto rolou e caiu da cama.” 
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