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1. Reescreva as frases nas formas negativas e interrogativas em inglês:

A) They travel every month.
B) The students like sports.
C) She read a book.
D) Thee children play in the bedrom.
E) The wash the car.
F) The goes to the beach.
G) You have a good job.
H) Simeone Loves Bob.
I) My brother writes lettero.
J) The picturees shows two girls.



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a) They don't travel every month / Do they travel every month?
b) The students don't like sports / Do the students like sports?
c) She doesn't read a book / Does she read a book?
d) The children don't play in the bedroom / Do the children play in the bedroom?
e) They don't wash the car / Do they wash the car?
f) He doesn't go to the beach / Does he go to the beach?
g) You don't have (haven't) a good job / Do you have a good job?
h) Simeone doesn't love Bob / Does Simeone love Bob?
i) My brother doesn't write letters / Does my brother write letters?
j) The picture doesn't show two girls / Does the picture show two girls?
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