3. Read this conversation. Complete it with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Use the present progressive or the simple present tense.A: Hi, Ana. Mmm. Something ______________ good! What's cooking? (smell)B: Fish soup. I _____________ it to see if it ___________more garlic_________ you___________ to try it? . (taste)(need) (want)A: Mmmm. It __________ good, but I __________it needs salt. (taste) (think)B: OK. I ______________ about adding canned tomatoes too, even though it __________. in the recipe. (think) (not be)A: That ___________ like a good idea. But wait a minute. I _____________ at the recipe, and it says you can add milk. How about that? (sound) (look)B: I_________________ if the milk __________fresh. (not / know) (be)A: I’ll check. Hmm. I __________________ it, but I ____________sure. Let's add (smell) (not be) the tomatoes instead.B: OK. I ______________ cooking! The whole house _________________ great when you cook. And it always puts me in a good mood. (love) (smell)A: I _____________ what you _______________ .I _________________ the same way. (know) (mean) (feel)



A= smells
B= am tasting --- needs --- do --- wants
A= tastes --- think
B= m thinking --- doesn't be
A= sounds --- am looking
B= don't know --- is
A= am smelling --- am not
B= am loving --- smells
A= know --- mean --- feel