Olá, Lucélia258!

Presente perfeito:
1. She has lived here since 1983.
2. We have studied math.
3. They haven't gone to the school.
4. Peter has done his homework.
5. John has never seen such a thing.
6. Claire has painted since she was a kid.
7. We have just left.
8. I have been studying hard.
9. He has watched a lot of movies.
10. They haven't painted our houses yet.

Presente perfeito contínuo:

1. She has been working.
2. We have been studying for five hours.
3. He has been playing a lot of sports.
4. Carol has been going to the school.
5. He has been working there since 1972.
6. It has been raining since yesterday.
7. I've been living in Sao Paolo since 2007.
8. She has been working a lot lately.
9. I have been exercising.
10. I've been gardening all day long.