John preferred to be invisible, was truly and loyal like any woman ever was before, however, since just a few got to really know her, there wasn't a nobody to confirm that.
She wasn't a very critic person, liked to understand and accept the different perspectives of hers. She was a watcher. Ever loved the winter. Her shoes immersing in the white and deep rug of snow flakes, the flakes falling in her hair.
She didn't like to think her childhood. She wished her life was normal, lime anybody's else, she would like see her mom again, to have a mom! She was smart, devoted herself to study more than anything, always walked alone, didn't want to involve with anyone because thought that if she loved again, something would go wrong and she would suffer like suffered with her mom's death. Behind all the happiness that she used to show to people around, she had a dark side that nobody was able to see.
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Se fosse pra copiar do tradutor eu mesma faria
mais mesmo assim obrigado ¬¬
tradutor? põe no tradutor pra você ver o que sai então . E esse texto tá mal escrito , fica difícil traduzir se nem na língua mãe o texto presta né.
acha que eu teria falado q foi feito no tradutor sem antes conferir?
"Falf rather be invisible, was true and loyal as no woman ever had before, but how few have come to know her really, there was nobody who could confirm this. She was not ..." ISSO é o que aparece quando se põe no tradutor, então, não, não foi no tradutor. Sinto muitíssimo.