Coloque os verbos entre parênteses no simple past ou no present perfect conforme for o caso:a) I (arrive) __________ in New York five days ago, It's a city I (always want) _______________ to visit.b) A terrible accident (happen) ______________ near my house last night, I (never see) __________________ two cars get so badly smashed up.c) She (take) ________________ piano lessons for several years, but she (not master) ______________ the instrument yet.d) A: Where (you/be) ______________ lately?B: Oh, I (travel) _________________ a lot and I only (get) ________________ back a few days' ago:e) A: (you ever meet) __________________ a famous movie star ?B: Well, I (see) ________________ Robert Redford once while he was filming here in Brazil.



A melhor resposta!
always wanted

have never seen

has taken
hansn't mastered

have you been
have traveled

have you ever met

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