2. read the text about technology advance in the future and complete it with the verbs in parentheses in the future with will .

how far ___________ technology ___________ in 20,30,even 50 years from now (advance ) ? how____ it ____________ our lives (affect ) ? What __________ our future ________ like (be )? we ____________ the answer only in the future (know) . but some things _______ probably _____________ different ( be). we probably _____________ to school ( not - go ). we __________ on paper anymore ( not - write ) . robots _______ all the work at home (do) . they ________ our clothes and ________ the house too ( wash / clean ) . people _________a lot of things without leaving home (do). we__________ probably ____________ more time to read , travel and study ( have ) . life _______________ probably __________ very interesting ( be) .



A melhor resposta!
How far WILL technology BE in 20,30 even 50 years from now? How WILL it AFFECT our lives? What WILL our future BE like? We WILL KNOW the answer only in the future. But some things WON'T probably BE different. We probably WON'T go to school. We WON'T write on paper anymore. Robots WILL DO all the work at home. They WILL WASH our clothes and CLEAN the house too. People WILL DO a lot of things without leaving home. We WILL probably HAVE more time to read, travel and study. Life WILL probably BE very interesting.

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