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5) Complete the gaps with the present perfect.

a) I ____ (not / work) today.

b) We ____ (buy) a new lamp.

c) We ____ (not / plan) our holiday yet.

d) Where ____ (be / you) ?

e) He ____ (write) five letters.

f) She ____ (not / see) him for a long time.

g) ____ (be / you) at school?

h) School ____ (not / start) yet.

i) ____ (speak / he) to his boss?

j) No,he ____ (have / not) yhe time yet.



A- haven't worked
b-have bought
c-haven't planned
d-have you been
e-has written
f-hasn't seen
g-have you been
h-hasn't started
i-has he spoken
j-hasn't had
espero ajudar.
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A- I haven't worked today
b- We have bought a new lamp
c- We haven't planned our holiday yet
d- Where have you been?
e- He has written five letter
f- She hasn't seen him for a long time
g- Have you been at school?
h- School hasn't started yet
i- Has he spoken to his boss?
j- No, he hasn't got the time yet.