Peencha com pronomes adequado :( I , you , he , she , it , we , they )

a) (Mary and Carla )______ go to school together.
b)(Julia and Mike)________ are good friends .
c) (My family and I)_____ live in Ohio.
d) (my cat)______ eat its food.
e)(Peter )____ sudy english everyday.
f) (Mary )_____ watch tv every night.



A) they
B) they
C) we
D) It
E) he
F) she
Complete usando a forma interrogativa do verbo "to be' no passado.

a) __________ I your english teacher?
B) ___________ You a hard worker?
c)________ He tired today ?
d)__________ She is Camaçari now ?
e)___________ It a green door ?
f)__________ We baianos ?
A) they
b) they
c) we
d) it
f) she