-Hey friend.
-Are you ready for the text tomorrow?
-Yes, I had study this week.
-Oh right, I think that you have a good possibility to take good grade in this test.
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Olá, Boa noite. Sou boa em criar histórias mas em português então vou criar um diálogo curto e traduzir no tradutor.

Two people in a hotel reception...
- Hello, Good Afternoon
- Hello, good afternoon
- I'm Michael, and you? 
- I'm Katy, I'm very worried about this time. 
- Me too, is increasingly confusing day. Today I saw on the news that will have a chance of rain. 
- Oh no, I forgot my umbrella.
- If you want to give you a ride, I'm alone 
- Thanks, but anything I call my boyfriend came to pick me. 

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