simple present:
1.I don't have patience 
2. She studies every day 
3. He always plays golf in the morning
4.Bob loves chocolate
5. Does she do the homework?
6. Daniel watches cartoon every morning
7. My dog is the best dog ever
8. He plays soccer every day
9. Cindy kisses her boyfriend in front of the school
10. I never works on sunday 
1. My house is bigger than your house
2. this homework is more difficult than math work 
3. I dance like you
4. I like to go to the beach much more than I like to go to the school
5. Camila does de juice more delicious than you
6. Math is more difficult than quimistry 
7. Cats is more borring than dogs 
8. I am toller than you
9. Anny is pririest than Monica
10. Today I'm more tired than yesterday

- He washes the car (ele lava o carro)
- I like internet (eu gosto de internet)
- Do you go to school ? (Você vai para a escola ?)

- Does she work ? (Ela trabalha? ) - I Do not (don't) work (eu não trabalho)
- She does not (doesn't) work (ela não trabalha).
ü  Do you study English every day? ( Você estuda Inglês todos os dias? ) ü  Does she work on Saturdays? ( Ela Trabalha aos sábados? ) ü  Do they like romantic movies? ( Eles gostam de filmes românticos ? ) ü  Does he know my name? ( Ele sabe meu nome ? ). ü  Where does she live? ( Onde ela mora ? ), ü  Why O you buy so many flowers? ( Por que você compra tantas flores ?