O "there to be" significa (existir\haver), e sua forma singular é "there is", e a plural "there are" além das formas passadas e futuras.

-There was a freak guy screaming in the church
-There are too many people dancing in the club
-There is a drugstore next to your apartment
-He told me there were magic books in the past.
-There is a problem that I must solve
-There was a great party over here last night
-There will be a event in the park
-I thought there was nothing that i could do
-We were expecting a calm trip, but there were many obstacles on the road
-There is something that is bothering her
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João, tenha mais paciência com os usuários e usa as palavras com cuidado.
queme vc
na próxima vez vou ignorar para não passar raiva
quem e vc joao gabriel