Passado: Did you eat fruit yesterday?
Did you ride a bike saturday?
Did you talk with Susan?
Did you see the new movie?
Did they go to  party?
Did they go to club?
Did you tell  me?
Did you watch Tv last week?
Did she go to home?
Did you do this?
Do you like pasta?
Do you eat japanese fod?
Do you read book?
Does she like fruit?
Does she watch series?
Do you wanna builld a snow man?
Do you play soccer?
Do you know math?
Does she speak english?
Do you wanna go out with me?

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10 frases interrogativas no passado:

1 - Did you worked last friday night?
2 - Did she went to Amanda's party?
3 - Did he read the book?
4 - Paul and Tony sang at the party?
5 - Did Mariah danced at the party?
6 - Did he call me yesterday?
7 - Why did he do that?
8 - Did you drink juice last night?
9 - Did you clean your bedroom?
10 - When did he confess the crime?

10 frases interrogativas no presente:

1 - How do you know she is married?
2 - Where does he work?
3 - Does it work?
4 - Do we know her?
5 - Do you have a car?
6 - Do they go out on weekends?
7 - What do rabbits eat?
8 - Do you need it?
9 - Do you have a summerhouse?
10 - Do you study at Posiville?

10 frases interrogativas no futuro:

1 - Will I travel tomorrow?
2 - Will she meet her family next Christmas?
3 - Will we go out together next friday?
4 - Will you study tonight?
5 - Will you do me a favor?
6 - Will you kiss him?
7 - Will you eat ice cream?
8 - Will you please turn down the radio?
9 - Will you help me with these books, please?

Melhor resposta por favor, deu um pouco de trabalho ;)

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