1- Did you do your homework? 
2- Was she talking to the teacher on the class? 
3- Did they study for the test? 
4- Did you go to the english class yesterday? 
5- Were you on the coffee on the break ? 
6-Did you make any mistake on the homework? 
7- Did you write your name on the test? 
8- Did you read all the book ? 
9- Did they talk to the teacher about the class on Saturday? 
10- Did your father go the the university? 
1- Is Mary on the class? 
2- Do you study a lot ? 
3- Is maths your favorite subject ? 
4- Are you reading the book ? 
5- Do you like the english teacher? 
6- Are they talking to the director? 
7- Are you a good student? 
8- Does John know the subjetct ? 
9- Does she like going to school?
10- Do you study more than two hours per day? 

1- Will you study for the test? 
2- Will she go to school tomorrow? 
3- Are you going to have english class? 
4- Will they go to the university ? 
5- Will Rose study Journalism on the future? 
6- Will you read the book? 
7- Is she going to write my name on the history work ? 
8- Are they going to go to the Maths class? 
9- Will I like the geography teacher? 
10- Will you do the homework ?