I like you.
My car is black.
She plays guitar.
Kate have a book.
I am happy today.
My dog is beautiful.
They have moneys.
The monkey like of banana.
My Dad is tell.
Susi goes to home.
You are inteligent.
I study History.
She studies Portuguese.
We want chocolate.
You forget the pen.
Everybody are so serious.
You know the music. 
It is crazy.
I really love you.
I am watching TV.

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SIMPLE PAST :                                            VERBO TO BE:
1ºI love it.                                                       He is not in england          
2ºThe book is on the table (hehe)                     She is not ugly
3ºI drink juice                                                 Tony is not young
4ºThe juice is green                                        They are old
5ºI like of my rocking chair
6ºmilk is white
7ºi am crazy
8°the star in sky
9ºThe moonlight it's beautiful
10°We like of could
11° The bridge is black
12°Black is my favorite color
13°I like play games
14°You drink beer
15°She is shy
16°He is lonely
17°I am bored
18°You are confused
19°The easter egg is good
20°The block is red

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