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Babies cry
I play soccer every day
She loves Peter
They dont eat fruits 
She doesnt like pasta
I work out every morning
He loves Susan
Susan lives in a small house 
You dont wacth TV on week
I dont like brazilians people
I go out on Fridays
We dont do the homework
She plays tennis 
He doesnt have to work today
We dont go to school on weekends
I go to shcool on Saturdays 
She works with my father
My grandmother play golf
We go to club night all saturday
My parents loves me
I watch series on computer
My sister likes chocolate

I am a study
She is my mother
We are friends
They are my parents
You are very cool

Espero que ajude :)

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I do my homework.
He make a cake everyday.
She is the best classmate I have.
They are my friends, I love them!
Lisa doesn't do her housework.
I wash the dishes today!
She leaves now!
What do you do?
Mark listen to music when his brother is at home.
I have two caps.
Pay attention!
We love you!
Say my name loud!
Stop this game please.
This is the worst game that I play.
Do you play this game?
We need to leave this house.
I prepare the dinner.
She doesn't like to prepare the dinner.
Is she the girl you talk everyday?

as frases com Verb To Be estão dentro das 20 que eu coloquei! espero q tenha sido isso q vc pediu ;))
e observação: na segunda frase, corrigindo: "He makes a cake everyday." desculpe :$
é isso mesmo, valeu ajudou muito mesmo!!
nao foi nada anjo! :3