Complete the sentences using the underlined words or expressions in the leaflet.

1 Failure to attend school is called __________.
2 If you __________ someone, that means that you attack someone physically.
3 If you use force to make something happen, you are being __________.
4 A __________ person is somebody who was killed intentionally.
5 __________ is the frequent repetition of words or parts of words that is produced with excessive amounts of struggle and effort.
6 __________: to use your teeth to chew your finger nails.
7 In education, a student's __________ are other students.

Quais as palavras no quadro?
quais as palavras? manda o quadro
assault, coercive, nail biting, stuttering, peers, truancy, murdered.


1) truancy
2) assault
3) coercive
4) murdered
5) stuttering
6) nail biting
7) peers
Me desculpe, por não ter dito as palavras!
Você tem certeza absoluta que estão todas certas?