Prevent or remedy? 
Among the most intense debates that permeate today's society, a question that can not be placed in the background is certainly the decriminalization of abortion. Those who advocate such legality claim that, once passed, the law would prioritize access to safe extraction methods, in case of unwanted pregnancy, with the justification to preserve the mother's life. However, the most coherent way would encourage prevention, instead of feeding the commission of a crime in most acceptable meaning of the word. We live in a world surrounded by information, and campaigns promoted by the competent organs of health, if not ideal, also plead not allow the lack of knowledge on the subject. Per year, are distributed millions of condoms and other mechanisms to prevent unwanted (often unexpected) happens. If, even so, the rate of teens who give birth grows alarmingly every year, with the possibility of abortion becoming cool, this would increase to an even greater speed. Not being successful as they should, the awareness strategies to prevent pregnancy, as in any other campaign, should evolve; other means must be created. We can mention that some diseases have been eradicated in the past, have been vehemently opposed. Decriminalize abortion, and provide a motivation for disengagement with life attests to the inability of the state to resolve serious and urgent issues.